The Maffini Method

An Early Childhood Curriculum based on Best International Practices

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Maffini Method Curriculum

The Maffini Method uses a play-based and constructive curriculum that focuses children’s wellbeing and academic growth simultaneously. Encompassing best worldwide practices this unique curriculum engages children from 2 to 6 years old in a variety of exciting modes. From the Little Reporters Communication strand to the MindBE mindfulness and social emotional learning component the Maffini Method covers all areas of development based on brain based research and positive psychology.

AfterSchool Courses

The Maffini Method offers a variety of afterschool courses that are ready to go. With all the materials clearly laid out, printables and clear simple lesson plans and training videos, your teachers will easily be able to implement this scientifically backed courses and help increase your school’s revenue as well as your student’s learning and enjoyment. From Parent and Toddler group to GreenScreen Videomaking and Cooking classes, we have everything you need in one place.


Hire our group of exceptional consultants or Helen Maffini, creator of the Maffini method, for consulting on implementing the Maffini Method curriculum, face to face training or developmental planning and inspections of your preschool or kindergarten.

What People Are Saying

“We have been using the Maffini Method in our school for several years and our kids are thriving.
They love all the different innovative components and how everything is easily laid out for the
teachers to follow. Our development days with Helen Maffini have been amazing.”

YEUNG Hoi-ki Michelle 楊凱琪

Principal, Deborah English Kindergarten

“We love using the Maffini Method Curriculum at Wellborn. There are so many interesting parts especially the MindBE
Mindfulness approach and the STEM learning. Our kids are great communicators and also love to read and write. Everything is easily implemented and there are so many additional materials and resources it is really well like by the teachers and parents.”

IU Wai-ting Sandy 姚蔚婷

Principal, Wellborn Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (International Session)

“Our school has been using the Maffini Method Curriculum for our preschool kids. It is great to see the many benefits the curriculum has to offer to our students. By incorporating mindfulness, STEM learning, art appreciation and other ideas into our student’s everyday lives, you can see how they slowly become more focused and observant on the small details around them. There is so much support available and it is great to see kids flourish with this curriculum and be able to enter their choice of primary schools.”

Kenji Noguchi

Deborah Bauhinia Garden-Head Teacher


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